Monday, 11 July 2016

All-new Meade ETX Observer

The Meade ETX series of telescopes has been re-launched with two major enhancements. The AutoStar handbox has been replaced with the latest AudioStar handbox and the optical tube is now removable from the fork mount.


The AudioStar controller provides all of the telescope control functions of the previous AutoStar handboxes but adds unique Astronomer Inside digital audio software and a speaker built into the AudioStar body that can provides hours of spoken descriptions of the objects you are observing. The pre-recorded speech includes overs 500 celestial objects contained in the AudioStar database, including planets, nebulae, star clusters and the Moon. Its database includes over 30,000 astronomical objects.

Removable optical tube

The optical tube is now detachable. Other optical tube can be attached in its place allowing other small aperture optical tubes to be used instead, including the Coronado Personal Solar Telescope (PST).


The ETX80 Observer includes a backpack making it the direct replacement of the older ETX80 Backpack Edition. Likewise, the ETX90 Observer includes a hard case and a tripod bag making the direct replacement of the older ETX90 Portable Observatory.

To find out more about the ETX Observer series check the website at:

Available Now

The ETX80 Observer and the ETX90 Observer are now available from your specialist Meade dealer.  Check out the list of Meade dealers at:

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