Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Meade LX90 advert in print

A new advertisement has been published in the November 2016 issue of BBC Sky at Night magazine. It promotes the Meade LX90 ACF series of telescopes, the Meade Stella Wi-Fi Adapter and the Meade LPI-G cameras.

Meade LX90 ACF

The LX90 telescopes use Meade's advanced coma free (ACF) optics for razor sharp views to the edge of the field of view. From aperture sizes between 8" to 12" it is the most affordable yet serious telescope for the advanced amateur astronomer.

Meade Stella Wi-Fi adapter

Stella allows the user to control the LX90 telescope remotely using a smart phone or tablet. It can also be used with any Meade telescope that is controlled with an AudioStar, AutoStar II or AutoStar III handbox controller.

Meade LPI-G cameras

The LPI-G is available in two models colour and monochrome. The LPI-G camera can be used to capture images of our solar system such as the planets and the Moon. A computer running Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OSX or Linux is required for imaging. I addition the LPI-G can also be used as an auto-guider on computers running Microsoft Windows.

The printed advert appears in the magazine as shown below.

Find out more about the Meade LX90 ACF telescopes at:

Find out more about the Meade Stella Wi-Fi Adapter at:

Find out more about the Meade LPI-G cameras at:

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