Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Meade Stella Wi-Fi Adapter released

Updated: 25th June 2019

Introducing Stella, the exciting new accessory from Meade Instruments. Stella allows the user to control a Meade telescope remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

Stella is designed to operate with Meade telescopes that are fitted with an AutoStar #497, AudioStar, AutoStar II or AutoStar III handbox controller. This includes all Meade GoTo telescopes released in 2016 and most models released in prior years. Other requirements include a smartphone or tablet, an app and a connection cable. The requirements are listed below.

Meade Stella Wi-Fi Adapter.

Power requirements

Stella is bundled with a mains power adapter to charge its internal rechargeable battery. Once fully charged Stella will operate for a period of 4 to 8 hours depending on use. The charger specification is 5V DC, 1A. Stella’s power input is a micro-USB port.

Stella connectivity: USB port (left), DB9 RS-232 (centre), 5VDC 1V power input (right), mains charger (far right).

Wi-Fi connection

Stella requires a Wi-Fi computer network to operate. It can join an existing computer wireless network or alternatively it can create its own Wi-Fi network hotspot if required. An internet connection is not necessary.

Connection cable

To operate Stella a connection cable is required. The type of cable depends on the telescope model and handbox controller.

Telescopes with AudioStar or AutoStar #497

Telescopes that use the AudioStar (SKU: 07640) or AutoStar #497 handbox controller include the DS-2000, StarNavigator, StarNavigator NG, ETX, ETX Observer, LXD-75, LT, LX65, LX85, LX90 and Coronado DSM. These telescopes require the Meade #505 cable (SKU: 07505) to connect to Stella. The #505 cable connects to Stella on one end and to the handbox on the other.  The handbox must remain connected to the telescope as normal.

Older AutoStar handboxes prior to the #497 model are not compatible with Stella. If you are not sure whether your handbox is compatible, please refer to the following post AutoStar and AudioStar explained. If your telescope is fitted with an older AudioStar then you can still use Stella if you upgrade to the newer AudioStar handbox.

Telescopes with AutoStar II

Telescopes that use the AutoStar II handbox (SKU: 07200) include the Meade LX200, LX200 GPS, LX200 R (but not LX200 Classic), LX400, LX600, LX800 and the LX850. Stella requires the Meade #507 cable (SKU: 07047) to connect to these telescopes. The cable connects to Stella on one end and to the telescope’s control panel on the other end. The AutoStar II handbox is not required for remote telescope control in this configuration.

Telescopes with AutoStar III

Telescopes that use the AutoStar III handbox (SKU: 04700) include the Meade LS (LightSwitch). Stella requires a standard USB A/B type cable to connect to these telescopes. The cable connects to Stella on one end and to the telescope’s control panel on the other end. The AutoStar III handbox is not required for remote telescope control in this configuration.

StellaAccess software

StellaAccess is a software app that runs on smartphones and tablets. It is a planetarium and telescope control app designed specifically for Stella.  There are two versions of StellaAccess, one for iOS and another for Android devices. StellaApp is a commercial piece of software that has to be purchased separately from Stella.

StellaAccess for iOS can be purchased on the Apple app store.

StellaAccess for Android can be purchased on the Google Play app store.

You can find out more about Stella at:

Stella is available to purchase from Meade UK dealers.

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