Thursday, 5 July 2018

Coronado SolarMax III 90 announced

Meade Instruments has announced four new Coronado solar telescopes in the latest SolarMax III series. The new models are fitted with full aperture 90mm external etalon filters, surpassing the performance of solar telescope designs that use smaller internal H-α etalons.


The SolarMax III 90 will be available with either a 15mm blocking filter or a 30mm blocking filter. Optionally, each of these models will be available with a second 90mm external etalon in a double stacked configuration. It is also possible to retrofit the second etalon to the single etalon models at any time. The configurations are:
  • SolarMax III 90, BF15  (SKU: 324011)
  • SolarMax III 90, BF15, Double Stacked  (SKU: 324012)
  • SolarMax III 90, BF30  (SKU: 324013)
  • SolarMax III 90, BF30, Double Stacked  (SKU: 324014)

All models are bundled with a full range of CEMAX eyepieces and barlow lens as standard. A hard carry case is also included. To retrofit single etalon models to a double stack configuration please use the Coronado 90mm Double Stacking Etalon (SKU: SME-90).

Multiple improvements

The larger, full aperture etalon filters ensure that solar views have better contrast and more detail. Other improvements of the SolarMax III 90 include a 2” dual speed focuser with fine control. The Coronado SolarMax III range represents the cutting-edge in solar observation and imaging. 

The SolarMax III 90 etalon(s) and rear blocking diagonal filter can be removed to use the scope as a standard refractor for night time astronomy. 

Safety: The SolarMax III solar telescopes should never be used to observe the Sun without the etalon filter(s) and blocking filter (diagonal) fitted. Otherwise, immediate and irreversible eye damage may result.


These solar telescopes will be released later this summer and are expected to be available in the United Kingdom in autumn 2018.

Find out more about the Coronado SolarMax III range at:

Opticstar is official importer of Meade Instruments in the United Kingdom.

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