Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Meade LX65 redefines ease of use

What is more important? Premium optics or ease of use? Now you can have both! The up and coming LX65 telescope series from Meade is packed with more features than any other telescope in its class.

It is lightweight, portable and accessible at a moment’s notice. Yet, it is sturdy enough to support two optical tubes at once thanks to its innovative design. The LX65 is the perfect telescope for aspiring newcomers to astronomy and for seasoned astronomers who appreciate its ease of use and portability.


The LX65 ACF (advanced coma-free) optics are available in 6” and 8” aperture sizes, accomplishing the best all-round performance for planetary and deep-sky observation. However, amateur astronomers dedicated to planetary astronomy will also be interested in the LX65’s alternative models; 5” and 6” Maksutov-Cassegrain optical tubes. All models are optically coated with Meade’s UHTC (Ultra High Transmission Coatings) for enhanced light transmission. The LX65 optics are sharp, bright and uncompromising.


The innovative single arm fork mount has the ability to hold two optical tubes at once! Simply add a secondary short focal length optical tube to browse the sky and locate objects of interest quickly. Yet, simultaneously observe those objects in detail through the primary ACF or Maksutov optical tube.


The telescope is controlled through its AudioStar handbox controller. Its database contains over 30,000 objects to observe at a push of a button. The Astronomer Inside feature, will take you on guided tours of the sky with full speech. Star aligning the telescope with the AudioStar is a simple 2-star procedure and you will be observing the night sky in just a couple of minutes!


The LX65 is sturdy enough to be used for planetary and lunar photography. Simply attach your Meade LPI-G camera at the back (replacing the eyepiece), connect the camera to your computer’s USB port and start capturing images and video. The LX65 is ideal for visual observation as well as the gateway to astrophotography.


There are four LX65 models:

Meade LX65 5" Mak (SKU: 228001)
Meade LX65 6" Mak  (SKU: 228002)
Meade LX65 6" ACF  (SKU: 228003)
Meade LX65 8" ACF  (SKU: 228004)


The LX65 series will be released later this year and are expected to be available in the United Kingdom in January 2019.

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