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Meade and Coronado eyepieces

Eyepieces are the most popular telescope accessories. They are used to adjust the magnification of the telescope, trading off magnification with field of view. Meade’s eyepieces have an excellent reputation for value and performance.
Meade eyepieces. From left to right: Plössl, HD-60, Ultra Wide Angle (UWA) and Mega Wide Angle (MWA).

Meade’s range of eyepieces include the Series 4000 Super Plössl and the Series 5000 HD-60, Ultra Wide Angle (UWA) and Mega Wide Angle (MWA) eyepieces. They all perform very well but each series has its distinct advantages.

Series 4000 Super Plössl eyepieces

These Super Plössl eyepieces feature multi-coated optical coatings offering sharp views and high contrast. They are available at many focal lengths from 6.4mm up to 56mm. Their apparent field of view (AFoV) is 52°. These dependable eyepieces are a great starting point for newcomers to astronomy.

Series 5000 HD-60 eyepieces

The HD-60 series of eyepieces are fully-multi-coated with a 60° apparent field of view. They achieve sharp views across the whole field of view due to their optical design and exotic glass used. They also provide 19mm eye relief for comfortable observation. Overall HD-60 eyepieces are optically 40% better than Super Plössl eyepieces. The focal lengths range from 4.5mm to 25mm.

Meade eyepieces. From left to right: Plössl, HD-60, Ultra Wide Angle (UWA) and Mega Wide Angle (MWA).

Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle eyepieces

The Ultra Wide Angle (UWA) eyepieces have an 82° apparent field of view while maintaining sharp, high resolution views across the entire field of view. These fully multi-coated premium eyepieces offer good eye-relief and are available at focal lengths from 5.5mm to 20mm.

Series 5000 Mega Wide Angle eyepieces

These 100° apparent field of view Mega Wide Angle (MWA) eyepieces are Meade’s widest-angle eyepieces. They offer excellent views across the whole field of view due to their advanced optical design and optical coatings. These eyepieces offer the ultimate experience to the visual observer.

Coronado CEMAX eyepieces and barlow lens.

Coronado CEMAX eyepieces

CEMAX eyepieces are specifically designed for use at H-alpha (Ha) wavelengths. Their optical coatings are optimised to enhance contrast and minimise glare. They are available at the following focal lengths: 12mm, 18mm and 25mm. All models feature generous 20mm eye relief and 52° apparent field of view.

Safety note: Coronado CEMAX eyepieces and barlows are not filters in any way, and for Solar observing must be used in conjunction with an appropriate Coronado Hα Solar Telescope or telescope with a Coronado filter set appropriately and safely mounted.

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